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Why Focus is the concentration of attention

Why Focus is the concentration of attention

Why Focus is the concentration of attention

Why Focus is the concentration of attention. or energy on something, It is similar to mindfulness as opposed to multitasking.

It is advised that one should focus on their strengths and work on their weaknesses. If an individual, for instance, is very good offensively at the game of football but defensively is lacking, then such an individual would be better off playing up front in an attacking position, where they can play to their strength attacking wise, while at the same time, mitigating their weakness, defensively.

In international trade, countries usually focus on the production of those goods and services in which they have the least cost in comparison to other countries. They do this in order to take advantage of the cost difference between them and their trading partners.

Focus is the concentration of attention Why

Nigeria, for example, has a comparative cost advantage in the production of crude oil when compared to China.

While China, on the other hand, has a comparative cost advantage in the production of manufactured goods like electronics and gadgets. Assuming both countries were to go into a trade.

Then, theoretically, they would both be better off focusing on their individual strengths. This means that Nigeria would focus on the production of oil and then exchange it for China’s manufactured goods.

The issue of focus or specialization, as it applies to industries cannot be overemphasized as it has led to the making of great companies.

Businesses that have neglected this principle, however, have had to pay a huge price for it.

Why Focus is the concentration of attention

The following are the reasons why focus is the concentration of attention

As you work towards building your own business brand, it would be a huge misdoing to your brand, yourself and your fellow workers to try to be a jack of all trades.

The brands that have been the most successful have been those brands that have stayed true to their core business. For example, when you hear Coca-Cola, only one thing can possibly come to mind, and I need not tell you what that is.

Also, Toyota is another brand that continues to grow by staying true to its core business. Imagine what it would do to the Toyota brand if, for instance, it went into the restaurant industry and then it came up with something like, Toyota Restaurants.

Yes, you guessed it right! It would weaken the brand name.

This is not to say that diversification is not good. Diversifying can be good if done for the right reason and most importantly if done in the right way.

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Why Focus is the concentration of attention

Focusing on your core business, that is, what your brand is known for, is not opposed to innovation. They are not two opposing concepts. In fact, when combined, they can transform your brand. Innovating, while focusing on your core business, means constantly adapting to new ways of doing your business.

I read somewhere that restaurants were becoming food deliveries in order to cope with the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. This is a classic example of Focused-innovation.

Also, a business that was formerly brick and mortar can innovate by offering it’s goods and services online, if possible, without having to change its line of business.

Why Focus is the concentration of attention


It is always the best choice to focus on the main thing you’re known for, rather than going from one business to another, it might be a damaging to your brand.

An example is Askgoogle  everyone knows that is all about questions and answers. we’ll never in the future say we want to change it to something else.

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