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Social media Chat Abbreviations you might likely want to know

Social media Chat Abbreviations you might likely want to know

Social media Chat Abbreviations you might likely want to know.Facebook chats abbr Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and instagram Chat Abbreviations. Social media Abbreviations can be very complicated if you don’t understand what the person mean because you won’t know what to reply to the person next.

Social media Chat Abbreviations you might likely want to know

Social media Chat Abbreviations you might likely want to know

Just remembering those days when I Newly started using Social Media.

You will see someone that will Send you Abbreviation like this LWKMD, LMAO. you will start wondering, what is this person Saying, is it typing errors or what? Is not a typing error, that’s what they called Chats abbreviations.

It happens to me One day lol,

On one occasion  as I was chatting with a girl and she Dropped one abbreviation ILYSSM, I was speechless, and start wondering, what is this one saying?

For more than 5 mins I didn’t reply, All I had to do is tell her Good night that I’m feeling headache, and she started laughing.

On the next day, she did the same thing ILYSSM I have no other choice, I had to swallow my pride and ask her, what does that mean?

She Started laughing again and tell me that she mean “I Love You So So Much” and I was like Wow. 

Social media Chat Abbreviations you might likely want to know

That first Word I mentioned earlier LWKMD stand for Laugh Want Kill Me Die.

Here are Some Chats abbreviations you might likely want to know the meaning, you’re free to add yours on the comment section so that others will also learn from

Mostly used Chats Abbreviations

Asap stand for As soon as possible.

DP stand for Display picture.

DM stand for Direct Message.

Aiit Stand for Alright.

10×4+  stand for thanks for the add

TBH – stand for To Be Honest.

LOL stand for Laughing out loud.

WBU stand for What about you.

WYLLAP stand for Wishing you long life and prosperity.

MMYTC stand for Many more years to come

UWC stand for You Welcome

MCM stand for Man crush Monday

WCW stand for Women crush Wednesday.

TGIF stand for Thank God it friday

TGIS stand for Thank God Is Sunday.

GOAT stand for Great of all time

TFY stand for Thunder fire you

TMF stand for Too much info

KTMH stand for Key to my heart

LIB stand for Lie in bed

OOP stand for  Out of point

LMAO stand for laughing my ass out

LOML stand for Love Of My life.

QOML stand for Queen of my life

BMW stand for Be my wife.

FF stand for Foolishly following.

SMH stand for shaking my head’

OG Stand for Original gangstar

XOXO stand for hugs and kisses

YOLO stand for You only live once

NVM stand for Never mind

DTMYSDOOF stand for don’t tell me you see dis one on facebook.

IDK stand for I don’t know


Social media Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram Chat Abbreviations

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Please feel free to Scroll down and Share with us your own Chats abbreviations.

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