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How to start MINI IMPORTATION in Nigeria (A-Z complete guide)

How to start MINI IMPORTATION in Nigeria (A-Z complete guide)


How to start MINI IMPORTATION in Nigeria (A-Z complete guide)
How to start MINI IMPORTATION in Nigeria (A-Z complete guide) We will be considering 5 major skills that has turned people to millonaires and the good news is that these skills can be learned with zero or less than 3k capital.

Let’s start with MINI IMPORTATION Believe me after reading this article and you put what you’ve learned into practice and take action, I guarantee you that you’ll earn a lot of money within period of time!

The ABC of Mini-Importation and E-Commerce The mini-importation business has been around for a long time now.

Ever since people knew they could buy small quantities of anything they wanted from China and resell for higher profits, a lot of business doors were kicked open.

Suddenly, importers are no longer only the millionaires who could buy container loads of goods and make insane amounts of money.

Now, anybody with any amount of money, even with little or no capital you can start an importation business right from the comfort of their home. 

  That’s why they call it mini importation

 We all know importations has to do with bringing in items.

But we can’t call the importation of cars and tractors mini importation because these are large items in weight.

Nothing is mini about them you get? So let’s move ahead.

How to start MINI IMPORTATION in Nigeria (A-Z complete guide)

Mini importation is all about buying small weight products in bulks directly from manufacturers, getting it shipped in to your country location and selling directly or indirectly to your targeted customers

All you need is to do a research on the best selling products of the moment, get a smart phone and network connection, Nothing more than that.

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How to start MINI IMPORTATION in Nigeria (A-Z complete guide)

Then choose your brand.

That’s the next step, 

 There are so many products that are in vogue today and you cannot sell all. Have your own niche.

If you are selling bags and shoes, choose a sex (female or male). Remember, Jack of all trade is a master of none.

So choose your brand
Sometimes ago, I was searching for an online job to venture into.

Then I stumbled on mini importation but I did not go for it at first because I was scared and I also thought it wasn’t for small people like me, moreso I was scared of scammers all around, 

My friend called me one day and told me about a book He bought and read which she gave to me.

OMG! Mini importation is just so easy and it’s for everybody.

And then we ventured into it without having any money at all and I tell you we made huge profit.

You do not need any money before you can start this particular business.

All you need to do is visit any of these websites, download the pictures of the products you want to start selling and start publicizing it. You can publicize on Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

There are over 250 Facebook groups where you can publicize your business. Publicize in the whatsapp groups you are and join new ones.

Twitter is also a wonderful place to tell others about your business. I used all these platforms as well.

You can start to sell as an wholesaler so that it will be easier to send it to your buyers. 

After getting a buyer, get the payment first and then use the money to place orders on the website.

Your products will be shipped here within two weeks and you will receive a call when it gets to Lagos.

Give your customer’s address to the shipping company in Lagos when they call you so that the goods can be sent directly to your customer. He/She will pay the way bill. 

Make sure you add the shipping price and your profit to the price before you give out your price. And trust me, the prices on these websites are cheap. I mean very cheap.

The whole point of mini importation is for you to do exactly what I just described above.

You buy small quantities of any item directly from the manufacturers, cutting out many middle men, and sell at your own price, making much more profit.
Now what is it about and how do you monetize this?

Follow my instructions and I’ll guarantee you’d make huge profit without begging anyone to buy products from you!

How to start MINI IMPORTATION in Nigeria (A-Z complete guide)

How to make your prospects to always buy goods from you?

If you see most memes today, everyone complains about customers that do not just buy after all the work they do for them. They say “I will get back to you”, etc.

If you (as a shovel seller) can close the sale for them, you will be a senior because you can get in front of all the potential customers of the business and help them CLOSE THE DEALS and earn a commission.

The good thing about this is, begging to give you”, because without you, they don’t make money.

Win The Respect Of Your Prospects, 

First and most importantly, respect your prospect’s time. Don’t shove your product or service down your prospect’s throat because that’s the best way to turn them off from buying anything from you. How to start MINI IMPORTATION in Nigeria (A-Z complete guide)

Show Prospects The Proof

Stop those objections before they come up. Back up your claims with proof. For example, show how customers have been seeing success with your product or service.

The proof will answer questions like, “Does your system work? What kind of results can I expect?”

Show Them What They’ll Be Getting: Show Them The Bonuses

Prospects want to be reassured that they’re getting a great deal. So in addition to the product that they were initially ready to buy, show them what else they will be getting. Usually, you offer them bonuses.

Reassure them a Fast delivery of their items, Yes

How to start MINI IMPORTATION in Nigeria (A-Z complete guide)

Be clear on the value of their bonuses, because they’ll be getting these in addition to what they are buying.

How to start MINI IMPORTATION in Nigeria (A-Z complete guide)

Paint the vision for them. Remind them of what they could accomplish, what problems they would solve if they purchased your product.

Remind them of the value the prospect is getting.

Create urgency, because if you don’t, they won’t be in a hurry to buy.

So tell them to buy TODAY. Tell them to hit that call to action button NOW.

So far so good, we’ve gone so far and cleared the most difficult part of it. Now what next? Take action Now! If you’re really finding a way to be financially free

How to start MINI IMPORTATION in Nigeria (A-Z complete guide)

Have any questions or difficulties Feel free to get in touch with me through the comment section. And also if you find this post helpful 

Please feel free to share it with your friends on Share media. 

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