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How to create a website like Nairapromo 2020

How to create a website like Nairapromo 2020

How to create a website like Nairapromo 2020 the procedure and tips on how to successfully create income program website that stand out.

Today am going to share with you the full tutorial on how you can successfully run your own affiliate program site like Nairapromo or any other affiliate site.

How to create a website like Nairapromo 2020


If you follow my step by step guide on how to create a website like NairaPromo believe me you’ll start running your own affiliate site in the next few days.

Because those income program websites owners earn millions of naira on monthly basis.

through Google adsense and ads placement from advertisers, But they won’t tell you the screct behind it.

So today I’ve decided to Share some light on how you can run  your own Afilliate site like NairaPromo and the rest.

Let’s go straight to the point, without wasting time!

How to create a website like Nairapromo 2020 Step by Step.

Follow this step by step guide,

To build a website, you will need to get a domain name and web hosting.

A domain name is your website’s address that your users will type in their browsers to access your site (for example On the other hand, domain name and web hosting is where you will store all your website files.

If you already have a domain name or a wordpress site you wish  to use for this purpose,

Kindly ignore the Step 1 – 5

We can also help you to convert your existing WordPress site to an income website if you contact Us. 


How to create a website like Nairapromo 2020 guide.

1. First register your domain name and hosting with any of the companies out there.

2. After registering your domain name and hosting, you’ll receive your Cpanel login details in your email address,

3. Click on the link that was sent to your email, see screenshot below

How to create a website like Nairapromo 2020

4. After logging in to your Cpanle Click on Softaculous Apps Installer

See screenshot Below

How to create a website like Nairapromo 2020

5. Install WordPress, Dolphin or Joomla. If you’re newbie for this project, I highly recommend you to install WordPress.

because is very easy to operate than other platforms.

And the platform also have many software that can get most of the Jobs done quickly. 

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How to create a website like Nairapromo step by step

6. Once is installed successful, copy your admin link, and login to your admin dashboard,

head over to Appearance,  but before then you’ll need to have the theme either nnu or any of the rewarding website theme,

you can search for it on Google, you’ll see it, or you can contact me on whatsapp:08151473226. 

Request for any income program theme you want, I’ll get it for you asap.


Or better still, if you have some little cash, I can help you to design your own theme if didn’t want to use other website themes,

And it will be very unique.

Because having your own personal and unique theme is always a good choice.

1. No copyright issues

2. Free from virus that can harm your website.

3. SEO friendly

4. Easy to customize, etc.

Once you have the theme 

7. Go to your Admin dashboard and click on >> Menu option at the left hand side next click on >>> Appearance >>> Themes.

8. Click on Add New Theme and upload the theme you’ve downloaded from Google search, or from me.

Click on Activate Or you can also use the preview button to see how it looks like before activating it.

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How to create a website like Nairapromo 2020 The Ultimate guide

9. Next Step is to install these plugins

1.WordPress Social Share,

2.Social Login and Social Comments Plugin – Super Socializer,


4. Yoast SEO,

5. WP Fastest Cache


7. Ultimate Members

8. Woocommerce (note Woocommerce is different from Woocommerce-notification)

9. Affiliate WP

10. Payment form for paystack OR Paystack for Woocommerce payment Getaway


how to install plugins, Click on the menu option >> Plugins >> install New plugins.  


How to create a website like Nairapromo 2020 full guide

The next thing is to place same shortcode, HTML, CSS, javascript and php-functions codes

Note: this step requires coding knowledge (you must have understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP) before you can do this.

Otherwise you might end up messing everything up and It might cause your site to breakdown.

You can always Feel free to hire me I’ll do it for you for affordable price.

Here is a screenshot of the one I designed like NairaPromo and with builtin user registration and login template.

Front page by Askgoogle


Click here to message me on WhatsApp

How to create a website like Nairapromo 2020


you can use WordPress to build any kind of affiliate website, it depends on your knowledge in programming.

have any questions or challenges? reach Out to us through the comment section.

Let’s hear your opinion on the comment box about this article,

How to create a website like Nairapromo 2020 conclusion.

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