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History Of Football

History Of Football

History Of Football, Football is a game that millions of people around the world play and love. It can be called a universal game because every small and big nation partake on it…

History Of Football

Moreover, it’s a great relaxer, stress reliever, teacher of discipline and teamwork. Apart from that, it keeps the body and mind fit and healthy. It’s a team game that makes it a more enjoyable game as it teaches people the importance of sportsmanship. Leadership, and unity.

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History of Football
The history of football can be traced back to the ancient times of the Greeks. Research shows that the Greeks were good sportsmen and have introduced so many games.

Football happens to one of them. A similar game like football is played in many countries but the latest version of football that we knew originates in England. Likewise, England formulated the first rule of the game. From that day onwards the football has progressed in ways that we would have never imagined.

Benefits of Football
Football is an important game from the point of view of the spectator as well as the player. Football is a 90 minutes game that is full of excitement and thrill.

Moreover, it keeps the player mentally and physically healthy, and disciplined. And this ninety-minute game tests their sportsmanship, patience, and tolerance.

Besides, all this you make new friends and develop your talent. Above all, it’s a global game that promotes peace and trust amongst the players, even among countries.

How to Learn Football
Learning any game isn’t easy. It requires our exclusive devotion and hard work. Besides, all this the sport test your patience and insistence towards it. Moreover, with every new skill that you learn your game also improves. Above all, learning is a continuous process, so to learn football you have to give your undivided attention to every minute details that you forget to count or missed.

History Of Football

Football in India
If we look back in history, then we can say that football was not a popular game in except West Bengal. Also, the people of Indian take little or no interest in football games. Likewise, the All India Football Federation (AIFF) has some limited resources and limited support from the government.

But, now things are starting to look alive. At this time football Level up to the level of cricket in the country. Apart from that, the country organizes various football tournaments every year.

Above all, due to the unpopularity of football in India, most people do not know that they have an under-17 and under-23, as well as a football team.

Football Tournaments
The biggest tournament of Football is the FIFA world cup which occurs every 4 years. Apart from that, there are various other tournaments like UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, ASIAN CUP (AFC), AFRICAN COMPETITIONS (CAF) as well as various leagues around the planet.

History Of Football

Conclusively, we can say that football is breathe taking that with every minute takes the viewer’s breath away. Besides, no one can predict what’s going to happen the next second or minute in football.

Apart from all this football keeps the one playing it fit and healthy. Above all, it can be a medium of spreading the message of peace in the world as it is a global game.

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